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About Mt Guardian Perendales

About Mt Guardian Perendale Stud

Mt Guardian Perendales have been run on Kalimera since the late fifties when my grandfather set up a Cheviot stud to cross with the existing Romney flock. The progression of course was to establish a Perendale stud which was initially run by Derek Anderson (my father), then Derek and myself and now in partnership with my wife Sue. We have been performance recording since the mid sixties and our SIL no 2 confirms the long period of involvement with the various sheep recording schemes. We have generally taken on board the current technologies to advance the genetic merit of our sheep. Besides the standard SIL production breeding values we have been scanning for meat since its conception and are now heavily involved with Pfizer Animal Genetics using DNA parenting and wormstar, and all our sires are DNA footrot scored through Lincoln University.

Whilst our scanning figures for our 1100 stud ewes are not at the very high levels, we are very proud of our wastage percentage, usually between 10 and 12% which on average gives us a weaning percentage of 160.

On average we sell between 500 and 600 rams which include some Texel crosses.

Whilst our Perendale stud is performance driven, with emphasis on survival and meat yields, 30 years of on hand ram breeding and marketing has reinforced to me the importance of structure in an animal. We regularly see rams with supposedly good records which do not handle the environment they are supposed to perform on. In any ram breeding operation animal structure and constitution is essential if you want to retain clients.

Our philosophy is to breed a low input sheep that will produce efficiently on all types of country, but to bear in mind that the Perendale was designed for the harder hill country.

We have been very up front and put ourselves on the line with Perendale rams made available for the central progeny test. We have had 4 rams selected to represent the Perendale breed which have all made the top 10% in marketable carcase value. One of our sires, a ram we bought, Rene 386, leads the field by a strong margin for worm fec breeding value. Whilst we have not done much faecal egg counting we have been extremely hard on animals that don't perform under challenge and who carry dags. Last mating our No 1 ranked ram, who is a wormstar 2, also had an excellent breech score (4). Market feedback tells me that this attribute is going to be a significant criteria for ram buyers.

Tim Anderson


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